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Our company, which was established as Microfiber Textile in the early 2000s, has come to the forefront in PET fibre imports as of the day it started its activities, and has become the top company in its field within its customer-oriented services in supplying products to different fields. As of 2019, our company, which foresees to expand its service network with its investment in the Nonwoven sector, continues its activities with PP Spunbond, Meltblown & Composite products, Elastic Nonwoven and Sorbent product groups with the latest technology production equipment in the facility established on 22000m2 area in Kilis Organised Industrial Zone. We support our customers as a solution partner with our experienced team in the field, our state-of-the-art equipment, our continuous R&D studies to make value-added productions through up-to-date applications. Our company has achieved a significant acceleration in the supply chain with a production capacity of PP Spunbond 12,000 tonnes/year, Meltblown 720 tonnes/year, Elastic 720 tonnes/year, and continues its services in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards. At the same time, in line with the value we attach to the environment and our green environment project, we have commissioned our solar panels as of 2022 in order to reduce our carbon footprint to zero in energy consumption.

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Your Solution Partner

PP Spunbond SS

We produce in Edana norms with our 100% PP Spunbond fabrics in SS structure in our 320cm and 240cm width state-of-the-art technology lines. Our fabrics, which are obtained by bonding continuous PP filaments with thermal calender process, are in demand for use in many industrial and technical application areas thanks to their homogeneous and isotropic surface structure.

Meltblown & Composite

We supply fabrics with homogeneous surface distribution with high filtration and absorption capacity in our Meltblown line, which we produce by means of isotropic laying of thin, continuous filaments in 100%PP structure by means of high flow rate air.


Thanks to the high absorption capacity, non-degradable, durable structure of meltblown fabrics, we can bond up to 6 different layers of fabric in our state-of-the-art 160cm wide ultrasonic bonding line. At the same time, we can also supply transversely perforated and single sheet products online.


As Microfibre Nonwoven, in the light of our R & D and know how studies, we produce elastic nonwoven fabrics that have unique properties and do not contain adhesives compared to the existing elastic products in the market. We have production in different colours and patterns in the range of 90-140 gsm with a width tolerance of 70mm 1050mm.


We Offer More Than Nonwoven Fabric

Touching every moment of life,

we add value to the environment, people and the future…

Hygiene and Medical
Technical Textiles
Mattress and Furniture
Microfiber Tekstil

High Quality
Spunbond & Meltblown

Diversity in Nonwoven Products

In our nonwoven fabrics, we offer solutions for hydrophilic (water absorbency), UV (ultraviolet protection), FR (late flammability), Antistatic, Anti-bacterial applications as well as high homogeneity production in our latest technology lines.

Innovation, Service and Long Term Cooperation

We offer long-term sustainable solutions to our customers with our R&D studies, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and experienced personnel.

We care about your health

We reduce our carbon footprint to zero in energy consumption with our solar panels, which we have commissioned within the framework of our “Green Environment” project based on our respect for nature. We make OekoTex certified and REACH declaration productions at world standards.

Microfiber Tekstil

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